Laredo Retail Market

Why is Laredo a market YOU want to be a part of?
  • Laredo Ranked #1 in the United States for job creation over the next decade, according to Woods & Poole Economics (out of the 366 US metro areas assessed) , with a job growth rate of 2.51%.

  • Laredo Ranked #2 in the state of Texas for job creation according to a report released by Texas A&M University’s Real Estate Center in College Station.

  • James Avery just opened up a new location in Laredo.

  • The Armani Exchange also just opened up a new location in Laredo. It is the largest Armani Exchange in Texas, and it is comparable in size to their stores located in Miami and New York. 

  • Recently, Best Buy, Academy, and Walgreens have opened up either their 2nd or 3rd locations in Laredo.* 

  • HEB Plus, Hobby Lobby, and TJ Maxx have also recently opened up new locations.* 

  • Retail stores here are continually attracting the visitors from Monterrey and Mexico City.* 

  • Daily, thousands of visitors from Mexico flock to Laredo to buy clothing and electronics at half the price of what it would cost them in Mexico.* 
So, think beyond the 275,000 people that live here and be sure to include the roughly 6,000,000 people from Monterrey and surrounding areas. Many of these people travel to the U.S. to do their shopping. 
  • According to Woods and Poole Economics Laredo will experience up to 106% growth in the upper household income brackets by year 2025 and has already grown up to 65% since 2000. 


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