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Businesses rely on their landlords to support their growth. Rundown buildings or sky-high rents make it harder for commercial tenants to attract attention and reach their goals. That is why at Killam Development, we are dedicated to fostering our tenants’ growth at every step. Here are some of the ways in which we do so:

Desirable Properties

We believe in creating properties that are a benefit to their communities, and a boon to our tenants. That is why we engage in thoughtful development of all our real estate holdings. From selecting sites that are desirably located to implementing intelligently considered renovations, we create properties designed to support business growth. These are places businesses want to set up shop, and places where consumers want to stop and explore. 

Abundant Amenities

We invest in amenities that have our tenants in mind. Supporting our tenants means making sure they have everything they need to feel secure, conduct business efficiently, and create an environment where customers feel welcome. Security. Parking. Lighting. Each of our properties has these types of features to make business growth possible. 

Thoughtful Maintenance

Rundown buildings are a deterrent for customers and businesses alike. At Killam Development, we make sure that our buildings are attractive, clean, and well-maintained so our tenants and their customers can get optimal use out of the space. 

Our dedication to fostering growth among our tenants by creating intelligently developed spaces is supporting expansion among many of our local businesses. Here are just a few of the big steps the Killam Development family has been making recently: 

Pet Vet

Pet Vet in Laredo is expanding from 2,241 SF to 4,396 SF 

Shop 195 

Shop 195 in Laredo is expanding from 1,619 SF to 2,781 SF. Located at the Shoppes at Winfield.

Fit Club 

Fit Club has expanded from 2,695 SF to 5,882 SF. Formerly located at the Shoppes at Shiloh, they have relocated to 6510 Arena Blvd. Suite 300 in Laredo.

Tumble Queen 

Tumble Queen has expanded from 2,781 SF to 5,985 SF. Formerly located at the Shoppes at Winfield, they have relocated to 6510 Arena Blvd. Suite 400 in Laredo.

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