Killam Development Invests In Long-Term Tenant Relationships

Killam Industrial Park, Laredo, TX.

We are proud to announce the renewal of several industrial tenants at Killam Development Properties. They include the following Laredo businesses:

  • Robertshaw Controls 53,239 SF, at 13602 N Unitec Dr, Laredo, TX 78045
  • Carlos Torres Forwarding, Inc. 21,000 SF, Building F
  • Axys Logistics, Inc. 64,710 SF, Building L
  • FedEx Trade Networks Transport & Brokerage, Inc. 77,000 SF, Building G
  • KROM Forwarding Inc. 198,039 SF, Building N
  • Penske Logistics, LLC, 75,000 SF, Building A
  • PGT Trucking 5-acre ground lease, at 12491 Mines Rd. Laredo, TX 78045
  • Scarbrough International, Ltd. 24,793 SF, at 12118 JEF Drive, Suite A Laredo, TX 78045

These businesses are valued clients who trust Killam Development to provide exceptional property management services and a hands-on approach to meeting their needs. It is our honor to name them among the many commercial clients we have occupying our over 5 million SF of real estate assets. 

At Killam Development, building meaningful tenant relationships is at the heart of our business model. We pride ourselves on delivering a value to our clients by providing excellent customer service, and we hold all our properties to the highest standards.

Our hands-on management approach prioritizes tenant needs in the following ways:

Desirable Properties

We focus on creating and maintaining properties through thoughtful development. All of our properties are chosen for their desirable locations and have undergone careful renovations to make them ideal for our tenants’ needs. 

Abundant Amenities

Each of our properties comes with amenities designed to offer security, functionality, and a welcoming environment.

Thoughtful Maintenance

By keeping our properties impeccably maintained, they remain places our tenants are proud to use. Attractive, modern, and clean properties maximize the use, and enjoyment, our tenants get out of their spaces. 

Together, these features of our property management approach encourage many of our tenants to renew with us. They trust us to provide them with space that makes their growth and success possible. And we remain committed to valuable real estate developments that benefit our clients, our investors, and our South Texas communities. 

Want to learn more? View our properties like 1629 World Trade Center Loop – Now Available! For more information, contact Tano Carranza at or 956-290-3292.


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