Killam Development Supports Laredo College’s 75th Anniversary Gala
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Killam Development is proud to support education and growth in our community. As a diamond sponsor of Laredo College’s 75th Anniversary Gala, we had the honor of attending the event and having our President and CEO, Cliffe Killam, speak to the attendees. During his speech, Mr. Killam expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to partner with Laredo College in providing resources and opportunities for students in the region. He emphasized the importance of education in building strong and thriving communities and highlighted how our partnership with Laredo College can make a positive impact on the future of Laredo.

“We are honored to support Laredo College on this once-in-a-lifetime event, its 75th Anniversary, empowering its students to pursue their dreams. For over seven decades, the college has thrived by offering accessible and quality education to empower students to pursue the opportunities that excite them. Communities are only as strong as the students that come out of these great classrooms, and we are humbled to participate in the enrichment of current and new academic programs. The Laredo College community have fundamentally shaped the prosperity and growth of Laredo over the past 75 years, and we are excited for what the future holds as the Laredo College community will continue to have an outsized impact on the future of Laredo.”
Cliffe Killam, President and CEO of Killam Development

We invite you to watch this special video featuring the President and CEO of Killam Development, Cliffe Killam, as we showcase our commitment to supporting education in the community.

In this video, you’ll learn more about the partnership between Killam Development and Laredo College, and how we are working together to make a positive impact in the community. 

The gala was a remarkable moment, and it was an honor for Killam Development to be a part of such a prestigious event. We invite you to take a glimpse into the celebration of Laredo College’s 75th Anniversary Gala by viewing the photos captured during the event. Through the photos, you’ll witness the joy and excitement that filled the air as attendees celebrated the achievements of Laredo College over the past seven decades. From the captivating performances to the vibrant decor, the photos showcase the commitment of Laredo College to provide accessible and quality education to its students. Join us in reliving this memorable event and witness the impact of our partnership with Laredo College.


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